Welcome to Mack's page

I am finally updating this after several years. Its funny how time goes by and you finally realize that nothing you previously had on the internet is still valid. I am a quasi programmer and systems developer for our local k-12 school district. My main purpose here was to have a place where I could share pictures, files, or whatever with my friends and family. This seems to continually evolve over time and I am always trying new stuff. I have just added a blog which I hope I can share with others.

I have wondered why so many people seem obsessed with the social networking sites and such. They seem to waste so much time with stuff that seems so utterly unimportant. Then I realized, isnt this exactly what I am doing?? I use my own server and skill set to do almost the same thing.

The internet can be a dangerous place for kids (and adults). I am testing some tools to help with this and I am in the process of adding this information on my site also. Look under the links for parents.

I am into the opensource community and I have some comments and tests of related software. I am sure I will have more bloggings on this.